Real World Language Mistakes, Volume 4

Apostrophobia Saga!

Irish Examiner, SPORT supplement, Monday, 24/02/2014:

‘The Cork man, who played scrum half for Ireland and is assistant head coach with the Georgian side, oversaw the countries [sic] 36-10 defeat of Russia in a tense derby in front of a massive crowd in Tbilisi.’ (country’s)

This particular error was repeated on R.T.E’s Newsbar on 15/05/2014.

‘…those who died in the countries [sic] worst ever mining disaster.’

Its description of a Spanish hotel included ‘… with the marina and it’s [sic] yacht’s [sic] a must.’ (its & yachts)

Dublin, 27/02/2014: Launch of the Irish Government’s 2014 Action Plan For Jobs

Handwritten note on a wall chart written by An Taoiseach:

Lets [sic] get Ireland working’ (Let’s)

A 2014 Day-to-Day Calendar with Historical Facts and Quotes:

The factual entry for Friday, 02/05/2014 reads:

1946 – Prisoner’s [sic] revolt at California’s Alcatraz Prison (I find it hard to believe that only one prisoner revolted!)

There are two ways to correct this mistake. One is to retain the word revolt as a noun and insert the apostrophe after the s in Prisoners (Prisoners’ revolt), while the other would involve changing the noun revolt to the verb revolted and excluding the apostrophe in Prisoners (Prisoners revolted)

TV3’s Ireland AM: Newsbar: 13/05/2014:

‘Irish Water has announced its[sic] investing €1.7 billion in measures
aimed at improving the water supply.’ (it’s)

Correction: ‘…it’s investing €1.7 billion (it is investing) …’


Re-arrange the sentence somewhat to include:

‘… its investment of €1.7 billion…’, 29/05/2014:

‘…when its’ [sic] work is complete…’ (its), 09/07/2014:

‘Coláiste Lurgan has had it’s [sic] third video hit in as many weeks.’ (its)