Action Verb and Adverb instead of Action Verb and Adjective

ACTION VERB (as opposed to LINKING VERB) + ADVERB (correct)

instead of



He played brilliant. ————————————————– action verb + adjective
He played brilliantly. ———————————————— action verb + adverb
That was a brilliant match. ———————————————— adjective + noun

She sang beautiful.
She sang beautifully. ————————————————- action verb + adverb
She sang beautiful songs.

I did good.
I did well in my exam. ————————————————action verb + adverb
I did a good job.

You did bad.
You did badly in your exam.—————————————— action verb + adverb
You did a bad job.

The boy walked careless across the road.
The boy walked carelessly across the road. ———————— action verb + adverb
The careless boy crossed the road.

The girl sat quiet outside the principal’s office.
The girl sat quietly outside the principal’s office. —————- action verb + adverb
The quiet girl sat outside the principal’s office.

The horse jumped magnificent.
The horse jumped magnificently. ———————————–action verb + adverb
The magnificent horse jumped all the fences.

Take note that a LINKING VERB can be matched up with an ADJECTIVE.


He is grand. (isLINKING VERB – connects He with grandADJECTIVE)

The food seemed good. (seemed links food with good)

I became nervous. (became links I with nervous)

However, ‘take another note’ that some VERBS can be classified as both ACTION & LINKING.

Examples are turn, feel and look.

ACTION VERB: She turned the car towards the wall.

LINKING VERB: She turned pale when she crashed into the wall.